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Established in 1996... ever transforming and never compromising is the principle the organization believes in...  
Step 1: Raw water is tested, analyzed and accepted

Step 2: Tested Raw Water is passed through Duel Media Filter for gaining dustless, odorless purified water

Step 3: Purified water is passed through Reverse Osmosis Plant for gaining Safe & Pure water

Step 4: RO Water is tested for TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) and pH

Step 5: RO Water is blended with purified water (passed through UV Rays & Ultra Micron Filters) for tasty and healthy water

Step 6: Blended water is tested for TDS and pH

Step 7: Blended Water is passed into the ozone reaction chamber (charged with ozone) to safe guard water from micro-biological contamination

Step 8: The Product Water is then tested by in-house laboratory and then forwarded for filling

Step 9: The Product Water is filled in to sterilized bottles through auto filler machines



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