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Established in 1996... ever transforming and never compromising is the principle the organization believes in...  
Flexi Quote

Bibo Water works on flexible quotation mode, working towards the tailor made solutions to the needs of the customers and the price is quoted on transparent basis supported by the need analysis made by the marketing representatives...

To get a quote now...

         Call us on 23550303 or mail to info@bibowater.com

         or contact our Manager - Marketing

                     Amba Das P-     9849696011




Max Retail Prices (per unit)

20 liter Pack - Rs. 50/-

10 liter Pack - Rs. 30/-

01 liter Pack - Rs. 16/-

02 liter Pack - Rs. 25/-

500 ml Pack - Rs. 10/-

300 ml Pack - Rs. 7/-

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